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    How I feel after the rough draft of a book is done.

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    Looking for a weekend read? BITE ME, bk 1 of #LondonUndead is 99¢ til 10/27 @carinapress http://bit.ly/1qXu6RN

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    Modern Steampunk Monobike - London 1896 by Stefano Marchetti

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    3D printed “Cerberus in a Can" by Mythic Articulations.

  6. Putting together my outfit for the #Steampunk Tea at Hallowread in a few weeks. Join us? Tickets here:


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    I <3 William Shatner on Twitter

    I love how they respond to him, as if he is actually a captain, even more.

    Nasa confirmed for huge fucking nerds

    This is awesome and priceless and people that work on space stuff are the best people of all time.

    Honestly this just about brings me to tears.

    Roddenberry, Shatner, Nimoy, Nichols and all the rest of the original Star Trek cast and crew had no small role in making the moon landing as important as it was.  A few years before they set that lunar module down, this little TV show came along and fanned the dream into wildfire with an image of what humanity in space could actually look like—not only peaceful on our own world, endlessly curious, and prosperous enough to pursue it, but an active force for good in the greater universe.  Carrying not what’s most toxic about us, but what’s best about us out to the stars.

    Everybody who has worked at NASA or any other space agency for the past 50 years is waiting for the day when that unmanned probe doing a flyby on a comet can be controlled from the bridge of a space-faring vessel.  When we’re not just looking at that comet through a color-coded sonar map, but we can look out a porthole and see it tumbling by with our own eyes.  When as a species we can finally outgrow hate and fear and violence, and turn our faces with joy toward all the beauties and wonders that lie waiting to be discovered.

    And every time he does this, Shatner is reminding them of what that hope feels like.

    I’m not a fan of the man, but this makes me like Shatner a little bit more.

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    Telegraph Jobs made an impressive database of women in space. It features both astronauts, engineers and scientist. And all entries have a bit of information about the person.

    If you are not on there, fear not, they encourage women active in space science or engineering to contact them to make their list more impressive.

    As they say it themselves:

    We would love to hear from all you women out there and would like to encourage more females to make an impact around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), to take the opportunity to study in these fascinating fields and to venture off into deep space.

    The world, planets and space awaits you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Go check it out!

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    Few people walk London’s streets since the zombie outbreak. BITE ME, bk 1 of #LondonUndead is 99¢ until 10/27 @carinapress http://bit.ly/1qXu6RN 

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el baile es un arte http://ift.tt/1rIHH1s